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Paper Bag

Paper bag is slowly turning from a mere necessity to a brand fashion statement. Only 20 years back, there used to be only polythene bags of varying sizes used for even packing expensive items. Paper bags were limited those days with hardly 1 or 2 color screen printing.

Few used to paste the logo or simply stamp their contact details on ready made paper bags.

Paper bags are used instead of non woven, woven or plastic bags where the material to be carried is not too bulky.

Paper options for paper bags

There are various type and grade of paper which we can use for printing paper bags. Depending upon the budget, size and strength required there can be different options. We have listed below some of the most commonly used paper:-

Kraft paper: Kraft paper is undoubtedly first choice. It comes in mainly 2 colors white and brown.

Handmade Paper :

Ivory board paper bags: The ivory board is a thicker and crispier alternative to the art paper. Art paper is used for printing business cards and brochures. Ivory board is also more expensive than the art paper.

Art paper: It comes in both gloss and matt finish. For paper bags we recommend going with 300 gsm and above.

Duplex board: Duplex board are seldom seen these days. As such a thick board requirement is hardly there in any retail outlet.

Handle Options :-

  • PP Rope
  • Cotton Rope
  • Satin Ribbon Handle
  • Grossgain Ribbon
  • Twisted paper which is mostly used
  • Flat paper handle


Mostly used Paper Bag Size-

  • (5.5×3.25×8.25)”
  • (5.5×3.25×13)”
  • (10x5x10)”
  • (10x5x13)”
  • (13x6x16)”
  • (13x7x13)”
  • (13x7x17)”
  • (16x6x12)”
  • (16x6x16)”
  • (16x6x19)”
  • (16x7x18)”

Printing Option

  • 1,2 or 3 Colour in Screen for all types of bag
  • Ofset print for Art Paper & Ivory board paper

Foil print for all types of bag

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