(Digital Marketing/Bulk SMS)
Bulk SMS

SMS allows being in ongoing contact with customers, informing them of promotions and benefits and communicating information that encourages acquisition and motivates action.

SMS also has a great deal of operational value. It can be used to streamline processes, serve as an alert mechanism and enhance service.

We promise to match any competitor SMS prices with similar features and connectivity. We only ever use the highest quality routes and guarantee the very best speed & deliverability. Beware of companies that offer low-quality delivery and fake delivery reports. Technoland Bulk SMS Platform are 100% FREE to use with no hidden costs. Just top-up with SMS credits as and when you need.

Difference between Promotional & Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is used to send offers, discounts or promotions to new and existing customers. The messages may or may not be solicited by the recipients.

Promotional messages are only delivered to non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers

Promotional SMS can be sent only between 9am and 9pm

Promotional SMS will be delivered with a random 6-digit Sender ID assigned by the telecom operator


Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs, informational messages, booking and order alerts to your registered customers. They should not be intended for marketing.

Transactional messages are delivered to all recipients, irrespective of their Do-Not-Disturb (DND) status

Transactional SMS are delivered 24×7 with no time restriction

Transactional SMS can be assigned a 6-alpha character Sender ID of your choice. It should correspond with your business or product name. (Ex: ID-BIGBAZ) to send messages.

Our Packages
10000 pcs
0.23 per SMS + GST
20000 pcs
0.20 per SMS + GST
50000 pcs
0.19 per SMS + GST
100000 pcs
0.17 per SMS + GST
200000 pcs
0.16 per SMS + GST
300000 pcs
0.14 per SMS + GST
500000 pcs
0.13 per SMS + GST

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