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Company Naming

A brilliant name is the basic core differentiator of your brand. It helps to build awareness and convey meaning.

What would Apple be without its name? There are plenty of innovative technology companies around the world, but Apple has the brand. The name provides a platform for the brand, and it’s the first indicator that this company thinks differently.

A brilliant name sets the stage for the brand. This becomes evident when you read the lists of the Top 100 brands. You see names that immediately evoke meaning and trust: Google, VISA, Coca-Cola, Facebook,, Disney, Starbucks, Subway, FedEx, Red Bull, Twitter, and Shell.

Without any other description or explanation you know these companies. You know what they are, what they represent, and where they fit (or don’t fit) in your life. The brand name is the container of meaning. We may know the brand symbols or its mascot, but we reference and talk about its name.

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